How to make money on Instagram

How to Create an Instagram Money Machine without Spending a Dime

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I’m a huge advocate for building an Instagram account. In my opinion it’s the easiest platform to build a following, the easiest to monetize, and just a whole heckuva lot more positive than Facebook or Twitter who’ve both turned into a couple of negative nancys over the years.

Having said that, there is one obnoxious trend I’ve noticed since coming on Instagram, and that’s the utilization of a little thing I like to call “Success Quote Bots” or SQBs. A SQB is an automated Instagram poster/follower/liker that puts up pictures of Ferraris and six-pack abs and strippers and whatever else those who have no idea what achieving success is really like would be into. Think Tai Lopez.

instagram success quote bot
A fine example of a success quote bot…

But, as this blog is one-part “what books to read to become a super-duper-hyperautodidact (like me!)” and one-part “how to make money online”, it is my duty to go into the details of how one would create a bot like this themselves and why you’d want to make such a thing.

How to create an Instagram Success Quote Bot:

  • Create an Instagram account with the following bits:
    • The content targets a niche market related to health, wealth, or relationships—quotes are a pretty popular way to get started, but for fitness you can just use images of models, and relationship can just be pics of attractive people
    • Your bio includes a link to an affiliate marketing site (you can find those on ClickBank or, I’m not affiliated with either). Affiliate marketing is sort of like advertising the product of another business; when a sale is made, you get paid. Simple as that
  • Set up a bot (I suggest InstaDub) to follow/unfollow 800 accounts per day, like 800 more accounts, comment (if you like), and post 5–6 times per day.

So what happens?

  • Your bot engages with another Instagram user either through the bot following them, liking them, or they seeing your content.
  • They find your link in your bio and click it.
  • The link leads to a sales/landing page.
  • They purchase whatever is on the landing page.
  • You get paid a commission from the affiliate

What sort of metrics to expect:

  • If your account grows by 1500 followers each month…
  • And your daily click-through-rate is 0.5% (half a percent)…
  • And the conversion rate on the site they go to is 1%…
  • And you get paid $30 per month for signing them up (this is OSP’s commission pay out)…
  • Then in 12 months once you have 18,000 followers, you’ll earn over $5000/month in cumulative commissions (OSP pays monthly)

How much work does it take?

  • Set everything up takes about 8 hours to get the account up, the bots running, and the images loaded

How much does it cost to do this?

  • InstaDub costs about $77
  • The images (especially quotes) you can buy in bulk from someone on Upwork or Fiverr in bulk. I’m guessing the average Photoshop whiz can probably do 45 photos like this per hour—you need about 2,000 images for a year—and the low end rate for work like this is probably about $10/hour, so about $444 for all the pics

And that’s it. You just created a $60,000 annual income with a ~$500 investment. Hell, do the work yourself (the follows/likes/etc) and create the images (if you can do Photoshop pretty well), and it’s almost free.

Full disclosure: this is a pretty tacky way to do business, and while I can only guess the metrics, I imagine your conversions aren’t as hot if you were doing some actual marketing funnels using Russell Brunson’s techniques–not to mention, Mr Brunson makes waaaay more doing it his way than this way.


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