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Tired of perpetually tweaking advertising dollars on my Amazon seller account, I started What Dave Reads in October of 2016 to distract me from the ups and downs of e-commerce.  Additionally, I read approximately 200 books per year and needed an outlet for all this crap I’m cramming in my cranium.  The bulk of what I read are business and success books.   This, of course, gives me considerable insight into what it takes to run a business. In addition to writing, reading, and running a few e-businesses, I am a husband, father, TV lover, and huge board game nerd.  I have two cats, Chester and Bert, and a dog named Charlie; they allow the family and I to live with them.

If you’d like to say hello email me at dave@whatdavereads.com

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 – Dave Hamrick

Me (a reader) and Bert (not a reader)

Me (a reader) and Bert (not a reader)


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Dave Hamrick
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