How to speed read

How to read a book per day

Let me get this out of the way. “Speed reading” is a myth. At least in the sense that your eyes are flying from word-to-word like you’re The Flash. So how do people read a book each day? First, understand the format of books. This is done through learning methods of communication, both written and […]

Just another bad day...

How I Finally Decided to Quit My 9-5 Job

It all started with a purple truck. Back in 2015 I was selling cars, working for the man. By the way, I don’t recommend selling cars. It sucks. One day, we got a pretty sweet piece of inventory in: a 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 with only 15,000 miles. Purple. And it was a diesel, too, […]

The Gunslinger by Stephen King (Book of the Day)

Yup, I’ve read some Stephen King. Who hasn’t? Like many of his fans, though, I’ve avoided reading the Dark Tower series. And I’m not sure why. A few weeks back, the first trailer for the Idris Elba/Matthew McConaughey led adaptation of the first book in King’s Dark Tower series hit and it seemed pretty cool–even […]